Adding new Column containing values based on condition

Hi ,

I want to add a new column with values populated based on values from existing column. How can I include the condition. Looking forward for your suggestion.


I know that we can add a column but I am struggling to find if we can add values to the new column based on values from existing column. Hoping to get a solution.


Hello @sajjan.jindal,

What specifically are trying to accomplish? You can create computed columns for a number of cases. For example, below we are multiplying 2 values in a row and placing the result in a new column:

SELECT name, id, sales_per_quarter * average_sale AS average_sales_per_quarter 
FROM sales_table

Thx for your response - I was able to use the case statement and add new columns

@ben, i am also trying to create new Field based on condition like

Lets say i have old_field new _field
1 1 ==> sum of 1+0 =1
3 4 ==> sum of 1+3 =4
7 11 ==> sum of 4+7 =11

how i i create new field like this through Query

you can achive it by using over window function

SELECT Id, DailyPoduction,
SUM (DailyPoduction) OVER (ORDER BY Id) AS CummulativePoduction