Advanced Options in Custom Plugin?

Many of the official plugins support an “Advanced Options” section, and I wanted to add this to my custom plugin as well. In looking through the plugins, I couldn’t find any reference to this, and neither HBase or Snowflake (Hub Plugins) have this option.

I found this file, /dac/ui/src/customData/vlhfDetail.json. Is the existence of an “Advanced Options” section dependent on hard coding plugin config into this file?

Hi, we don’t currently have a way to control the visuals in custom plugins like we do for built in plugins, though its something we want to do at some point.

@doron How about this?

It moves the custom JSON Layouts for the UI into resource files at the custom plugin level. But it still keeps a partial version of the original hard coded layouts, for those that are ARP/closed-source/etc… The changes to the UI was a single line, since I just moved the JSON as-is, and return it ready to be used in the same format it was in previously.

On the backend, after moving all the JSON into resource files, I then updated the annotation on each of the sources to include a reference to the UI Layout conf file. Then I had this conf get returned by the /source/type/{type} REST end point as raw JSON (or a literal JSON null if there isn’t one)