Class "com.dremio.common.util.DremioVersionInfo" not found in dremio-oss source code

I am trying to compile the source code for dremio-oss from GitHub - dremio/dremio-oss: Dremio - the missing link in modern data, master version. And that is not working since there are multiple classes with reference to the class com.dremio.common.util.DremioVersionInfo. I can’t find that class in the source code at all.

Anyone can help locating that class?

You should find the class in the dremio/common/target/generated-sources/fmpp/com/dremio/common/util folder. If you are using an IDE, then you need to add the common/target/generated-sources/fmpp directory as a source and you will see it work. Do note that you will need to add other generated-sources directories as well from various sub-modules as well.

Thank you for the reply. Where can I find the list of all the folders I need to add as sources please?

Each sub-module will have a target directory in it. You can check for the /target/generated-sources child folders. It’s different for different code generators like FMPP, proto, etc.

If you look for similar classes for tests, it’s found in the child folders of /target/generated-test-sources folder.

Thank you @Jacob_Cherackal for the info.