DataBricks Delta Support?

Does anyone know if Dremio will be introducing a DataBricks Delta connector? I see there is one for SnowFlake and Vertica but alot of our data is currently stored in Delta (would love to be able to connect to it and leverage Dremio)

I am also interested in this connector as well.

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I assume this is not a connector, but rather ability to understand format of data stored as delta or iceberg.

We are still evaluating the feature. Will keep the thread posted !

This should be connector! While Delta format in versioned Parquet, it means Dremio can read the Delta table but will got a consistency issue when the Delta table was updated. Please refer to Hive Delta connector that support to create Hive external table to Delta lake table.

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Please refer to the Hive Delta Connector and hope a new supported connect for Dremio will be available soon:

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Thanks for your reply and the information! I have shared this with others that had a similar question here.