What are the jar files that are named ‘dremio-bundle’ followed by 18 numbers used for? I noticed a bunch in tmp directory in Linux. Should they be in that directory? Some files are over 300,000 kbs for me. Can they be deleted if needed? I’m worried if more, could use up server space.


They are files used to start Dremio on Yarn. If you restart Dremio often (or start/stop your Yarn deployment), a new file might be generated to capture your local Dremio deployment and send it over to Yarn to start your cluster of executor containers.

They can be deleted safely (that’s why they are under /tmp)

In my case, these jars are spamming around my /tmp folder at a rate of 50GB a day. What can made this happen? Any tips on how to avoid this?

@adelsondias, as Laurent’s comment suggests, you can:

  • leave your Dremio YARN application running for a longer period of time
  • tune your Linux distribution to clean up the /tmp directory with greater frequency