External sources - Postgres - missing configuration in UI


According to the Dremio documentation, there should be 2 configuration fields in the thumbnail “Advanced options” for Postgres external sources:

- Maximum idle connections: The total number of connections allowed to be idle at a given time. By default, this is set to 8.
- Connection idle time (s): The amount of time (in seconds) allowed for a connection to remain idle before the connection is terminated. By default, this is set to 60.

But it seems they do not appear in the UI (tested on AWS Edition v12.1.0 & CE v15.5.0)…

Is it a bug or is there a place where I can configure them properly ?

We spotted in our Postgres DB some idle connections caused by long ROLLBACK queries from Dremio (are there normal ?), and we would like to better deal with them thanks to these settings.

Thanks a lot !