Failed to encode '中山市' in character set 'ISO-8859-1'

Hell Dremio

how can I solve this problem in query

Try to change default encoding to UTF-16 as follows:

Hi @asm
Did you restart Dremio after making this change?

Hi @ben
Yes, restart is required to apply new settings.


Did you have success with @asm’s suggested solution?

Hi @ben,

I have the same problem on “[Failed to encode … in character set ‘ISO-8859-1’]” when I try to group or keep only by the value of Thai character.

Configuration on dremio-env has been done DREMIO_JAVA_SERVER_EXTRA_OPTS='-Dsaffron.default.charset=UTF-16LE -Dsaffron.default.nationalcharset=UTF-16LE$en_US' and restart Dremio already. Cannot resolve the issue.

Here is my environment:

  • Dremio on Windows
  • Data source is SQL Server

If you have another suggestion please guide me to solve.

Thank you.

Hello @tkosin,

I just checked my local Dremio 4.0 install on Mac with these options and I did not experience the issue. I’m wondering if Dremio is picking up the configuration change you made. Can you open your terminal, use jps to determine the Dremio Java process ID and then use jinfo -flags <dremio proces id> to determine what options are actually passed to Dremio?

Here for details on using the Java tools I just described.