Failed to load source list in Dremio v19


I use @Tag annotation to create self-plugin config, it worked in Dremio v4.9 and v15.9. But when I upgrade to Dremio v19, it failed and report “Failed to load source list”.

My plugin config code example is as below:
@SourceType(value = “XXX”, label = “XXX”)
public class MyPluginConfig extends ConnectionConf<MyPluginConfig, MyPlugin> {

@DisplayMetadata(label = "name")
public String name = "";

@DisplayMetadata(label = "pwd")
public String pwd = "";

public MyPlugin newPlugin(SabotContext context, String name, Provider<StoragePluginId> pluginIdProvider) {
    return new MyPlugin(this, context, name);


Please give me a hand on this issue.

Many thanks and Best Regards,

@balaji.ramaswamy could you help on my request?

@Junwei Checking on this, will get back to you