For Azure Plugin, make the entry point configurable

Azure currently has several separated providers, like:

  • AzureCloud
  • AzureChinaCloud
  • AzureGermanCloud
  • AzureUSGovernment

Currently, Dremio azure plugin only support the default “AzureCloud”. Which entry points are like:

  • dfs . core . windows . net
  • blob . core . windows . net

Those values are hard coded in file:

  • plugins/azure/src/main/java/com/dremio/plugins/azure/
  • plugins/azure/src/main/java/com/dremio/plugins/azure/utils/

To use “AzureChinaCloud”, I have to change those to:

  • dfs . core . chinacloudapi . cn
  • blob . core . chinacloudapi . cn

And then recompile the plugin project.

It is better if dremio can make those suffix configurable. Thanks.

@Baoqi Thanks, have provided your feedback to the engineering team

If you’re connecting to blob core endpoint, you can override by choosing “Storage V1” radio button and setting the same against an advanced option in the source - example “” - “

The endpoint configuration override will be available for “Storage V2” from the upcoming release.

Thanks. Glad to know this “override way”.