Hdfs(adls) backed metastore

Looking to set a source on UI to Iceberg tables tracked by an HDFS (ADLS) based Catalog.

Only 3 options exist on the Table stores, AWS Glue Data catalog, Hive 2.x and Hive 3.x

Is this possible?

Do i only have to use Metastore as a catalog.


@gwasky HDFS should be under “Object Store”

Thanks balaji, my initial thoughts too, it however prompts for a namenode uri, my namenode would be the catalog in this instance, which is HDFS based but on ADLS.

Not sure what to fill out here

@gwasky IS this Azure HD Insight?

Thanks Bajaji,

No, creating Iceberg tables using Spark running on AKS, which i am tracking using a Catalog, 2 options for creating Iceberg catalogs exist, one is using a Hive Metastore, and the other is HDFS directory based, in this case ADLS being HDFS compatible, i took the HDFS option.