[Hive][Delta lake] Can not query with with = operator in Dremio 24.1.0

I think this issue is fixed. I see the released 24.2.0, but I can not found docker images for this version.

I created new issue: Not found build or code for version 24.2.0

@ducvo , I have been able to fix this issue on the weekend. Maybe it can help you, the issue was caused by the pyarrow version 13.0 that was a dependency for deltalake to write data on s3. Our dockerfile didnt’ have a specific version and wasn’ t updated on a while, so when we changed another library it updated the pyarrow package. With pyarrow 8.0 everything went back to normal. I dont know if its the same for you because I wasn’ t using hive, it was just s3. Hope you solve your problem as well. Best regards

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