How to disable escape Quote,Escape, Comment behavior

You cannot specify an odd (such as \u04FF) character to avoid trying to escape because it validates that it is between unicode 0 and 127 which are all common characters.

Error received:
Failure validating configuration option quote. Expected a character between 0 and 127 but value was actually 191.

How do you disable the behavior of escape or comment or quote? None of these are needed and all 127 characters in the files are common characters in the data.

@balaji.ramaswamy do you have any thoughts on this?

@kprifogle, can you supply and example query where you are specifying the odd unicode character and getting this error?

Hi @ben, thats not really the point I was trying to make here. The point I was trying to make was that the only valid characters (1-127) that you can use for quote behavior are all still fairly common characters so there is no way to disable quote behavior.