How to use engineOverride for special UserGroups?

Hi, i defined several engines and want to make the given nodes available for different user groups, so that the ressources are encapsulated.

E. g. engineGroup1 should have 2 nodes and engineGroup2 should habe 3 nodes. How to assign given user-roles to the configured engines? I have seen that i can use query-rules to assign user-roles to queries. is there a similar way to assign user-roles to engines?


First create a Queue. Go to Queues in the settings page, add a Queue and assign it an Engine. In the screenshot below, I’ve created queue “Critical” and assigned it to an engine “Reporting”

Then, go to Rules and create a Rule (with your roles) and assign it to the “Critical” Queue. In my example screenshot, I created rule “Mission Critical” and assigned it to a Queue “Critical”

So now any query that comes from any user that is in the “Critical_Role” role will get assigned to Queue “Critical”, which in turn gets assigned to Engine “Reporting”. Hope that helps!


Thanks for your help. This is actually working. But the is_member-function is not. We are using dremio with internal authentication mode so groups are not available. When i try to use a role with the is_member-function, it is not working. If i use a static user-list with USER IN (…) it works. How can i use roles with is_member()?

The is_member function has a bug with internal roles, it should be fixed in our next update of Dremio Cloud.