JDBC PreparedStatement fails. Cannot convert RexNode to equivalent Dremio expression

@hewitte Agree with your concern, As per @Brandon_Jackson The support needed is for prepare statements that can parameterized, correct? This is a road map item in Dremio that is currently in the backlog. @Benny_Chow and I will do some research on the status of the feature and get back to you soon

Hi Balaji,
Yes, statements that are parameterized is what I need support for to expand interoperability. Thank you both for your diligence. I do not need the world, just certain pieces of the world.

@hewitte nailed it. We use a lot of reporting tools that that use parameterized prepared statements to read data. Because I was adding support for Dremio within the Apache Hop ETL tool, initially I made some assumptions about the support. Perhaps reading queries would be supported but write queries would not be, but unfortunately I discovered no parameters are allowed in either case, so I backed off for a while. I am now running Dremio Cloud Enterprise Edition with Arctic to conduct more tests.

@Benny_Chow so good to see you man! I learned more about the small file case in Iceberg and compaction. I get that. Now I am looking more into functional interoperability in Dremio. For example how well does Dremio Arrow ODBC drivers work with Excel for some of our users (it does not work at all on 23.1). How can I maintain Iceberg tables with the desire to use Nessie, but also to use other tools in AWS that depend on Glue/Hive. I am thinking of CDC/Kafka sync between the catalogs. I think there is really something wonderful in Nessie that I hope many engines will adopt so I can have one catalog and the consistency instead of multiple catalogs and awkward imports of tables and data.

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Hi Balaji,

as we are 8 months later, may I ask for an update? Parameterized query are the standard and it would be great, if Dremio would support this too.

@M.Gross Checking and will get back shortly

@M.Gross Its in the next 6 month to 9 month road map


We are 9 month later… and I have the same issue.
Can you tell me what the deadline is?