Jobs api response is not in full format

I use GET http://localhost:9047/apiv2/jobs api to get all jobs. Each job is in json format. Each job has fields like “id”, “state”, “user”, “startTime”, “endTime”, “description”. The problem is, when description field is too long, it is not showing the full string. But I want to get all string. Example job:
“id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“state”: “COMPLETED”,
“failureInfo”: {
“errors”: ,
“type”: “UNKNOWN”
“user”: “xxxxx”,
“startTime”: 12345678912345,
“endTime”: 12345678912346,
“description”: “This is the string that I want to get, but it is too looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong and it is not in full forma…”,
“datasetPathList”: [
“requestType”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,
“accelerated”: true,
“datasetVersion”: “UNKNOWN”,
“snowflakeAccelerated”: false,
“spilled”: false,
“outputRecords”: 0,
“outputLimited”: false,
“isComplete”: true
I can use GET http://localhost:9047/apiv2/job/{jobId} but I don’t want to send request for each job, because it is too slow.
Can you fix this?