Max number of fields exceeded (800)

Hi - I am trying to analyze a JSON data set by creating a NAS source and the schema ends up with a 5 top-level columns and two columns with nested JSON structures so technically speaking the total number of columns is 7

The JSON is correctly formed but I am getting an error saying that max number of columns exceeded (800), which is documented limiation

I analyzed the JSON structures and there aren’t more than 150-200 distinct keys. How does it calculate the total number of columns in this case? I would try to clean up some of the keys but I can’t figure out how to determine the total number of fields considering that the value of the field is another JSON structure


@sandersson, can you share the JSON file?

Hi - I am attaching two files that came from the same application but different data sets. They have more of less the same structure.

sampleOk.json works perfectly

sample.json is not being accepted (max number of fields exceeded - 800)

Keys and values replaced not to disclose real data

(not sure if it matters but I am using the Windows version)

Thanks again (69.0 KB)