Node activity monitoring

Hi there,

I’m using hive external tables as my physical source and trying to create virtual datasets out of them. Below is my cluster specs:

  • 2 co-ordinators (m5d.2xl)
  • 10 executors (m5d.4xl)

When i select try to open the hive table in the sql query window to save it as a virtual dataset (as-is), i do not see any CPU or memory activity in the admin --> node activity screen. CPU usage across all nodes is stuck at 0% to 1% max and memory usage is stuck at 0.73%; there is no spike what so ever. But my virtual dataset creation fails with the following error:
ConnectionPoolTimeoutException: Timeout waiting for connection from pool

I’ve a 2 part question here:
[1] How do i monitor my CPU, memory and disk usage across all nodes (both coordinators and executors). How do i debug the activities across nodes when a certain job is in progress.
[2] For a dataset of of just 400MB, what could be a problem here? Given I was able to create virtual datasets out of even bigger datasets ranging from 1-50GB.

HI @Sneha_Krishnaswamy

Are your Hive data files stored on S3. You may have to do the below on you hive source

Open your Hive source and go to advanced options and add additional property

Name: fs.s3a.connection.maximum
Value: 5000

Name: fs.s3a.threads.max
Value: 1000

Also if your executors are on EC2 then add a core-site.xml on all the coordinator and all the executors with the below (Executors and coordinators need to be restarted)



Where should the core-site.xml be placed in the coordinators and executor EC2 nodes?

Hi @Sneha_Krishnaswamy

Sorry missed to mention that. Should be under $DREMIO_HOME/conf. Same folder where you have your dremio-env and dremio.conf