Percona Mongodb 4.0.9-4 null pointer

Using 2.0.1-201804132205050000-10b1de0

I’ve upgraded Mongodb from 3.4.3 to Percona Mongodb 4.0.9-4.

When restarting Dremio I get this error:

2019-04-23 10:07:49,574 [main] ERROR c.dremio.exec.catalog.PluginsManager - Failure while starting plugin DPP_ACC after 14978ms.
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “9-4”
at$Sync.getValue( ~[guava-18.0.jar:na]

Percona MongoDB reports 4.0.9-4 as version, and that seems to break Dremio.
I installed Mongodb 4.0.9 which reports 4.0.9 as version the datasource is available again.

Is it possible to fix this using datasource options?


Hi @cukal

Currently we do not support MongoDB 4.x


Thanks for your reply!

4.0.4 has been running for a few hours now and haven’t had a compliant just yet :wink:
I will continue using stock MongoDB 4.0.9 with java driver 3.9.1 until 4 is fully supported, rolling back to 3.x is not an option for the moment.