Port binding for arrow flight plugin to another interface


I’m just testing the Apache Arrow Flight plugin and would like to bind the process to another interface. Currently it is always bound to the localhost.

Is there any configuration for it?

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Hi there,

Does anyone in the community have an idea? Or do you have an idea, @rymurr?

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Hey Oliver,

Good catch! I have fixed it on github if you rebase. It should listen on all interfaces now. Please feel free to post an issue on github https://github.com/dremio-hub/dremio-flight-connector/issues as well as ask here. Better chance of me seeing it if its on github too :smiley:

Good morning, Ryan,

I can confirm that it is now listening on all interfaces. I would recommend to have kind of configuration for that specific binding. But in the current state it’s not the most important part.

Thank you for your quick reply and modification.

I’m going to test this component in the next days and weeks. And I’ll with post an issue (if any is required) on GitHub.

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