Prevent pushdown

Is there any way to force a particular data source to disallow pushdown queries, and only allow queries to be completed if a reflection can be used?

There is not a setting that will prevent push-downs to the source. However, if you create raw reflections on the data you are querying then most queries should be accelerated. Of course, you can also create aggregation reflections as well as other optimized reflections in addition to the raw reflections.

Thanks, Kelly. I was hoping to be able to disable pushdowns as a kind of failsafe. I do have a raw reflection, but all queries I initiate are being pushed down to the database. It would make my debugging efforts easier if I knew immediately that a query was being pushed down.

The work around to the problem you’re experiencing isn’t great but will work. You CTAS the VDS, then query the exported data instead of the raw data. You can abstract away the difference in a VDS and have it point to the CTAS export instead of the raw data.

Does that make sense?

Yes, although then I would need a process to drop/recreate the table when the source is updated. It would make more sense for to create an MV in the source system.