Python Dremio Flight Client Usage

Hi Team,

We are using Python Flight Client to connect to Dremio.

client = flight.FlightClient("{}://{}:{}".format(scheme, properties.dremioHostName, properties.dremioPort),
middleware=[], **connection_args)

  1. What is the recommended approach pertaining to the Python Flight Client. Can we cache client object throughout the lifecycle of app service Or shall we create client object for each query run.

  2. Is there any timeout TTL for flightClient we should re-instantiate.

  3. In case of network drop/failure- Is there any built in retry logic in place for apache flightclient to recover automatically if the client object is cached .

  4. Is there any method available to close the flightClient object in Python once result is fetched . NOTE : Looking for similar FlightClient.close() available in JAVA SDK - flight-core-5.0.0

Appreciate your response. Thank you .