Raw reflections with quoted column name shows null for that column in the dataset

When we have columns containing a period like “table1.column1” in the reflection, that column does not return a value, arrow cache seems to have no impact on the issue.

Community Edition
Build Time
01/05/2022 02:38:40
without reflection

id	"table1.missing_value"	not_quoted
2	xyz	zyx

with reflection:

id	"table1.missing_value"	not_quoted
2	null	zyx

script to reproduce:

-- make sure that s3ci has reflection refresh setup in UI
create table s3ci.bug."march_2022" as (select 2 as id, 'xyz' as "table1.missing_value", 'zyx' as not_quoted from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS limit 1);
create or replace vds debug."v_march_2022" as select * from s3ci.bug."march_2022";
create or replace vds debug."v_march_2022b" as select * from debug."v_march_2022" where id=2;

-- verify data
select * from s3ci.bug."march_2022";
select * from debug."v_march_2022";
select * from debug."v_march_2022b";

-- add reflections, one with and one without arrow cache
ALTER dataset debug."v_march_2022"
USING DISPLAY(id, "table1.missing_value", not_quoted);

ALTER dataset debug."v_march_2022b"
USING DISPLAY(id,"table1.missing_value", not_quoted) ARROW CACHE;

--verify reflections are created - these should come back as CAN_ACCELERATE
SELECT reflection_name, "type",status,display_columns from sys.reflections where reflection_name like 'r1%';

-- table1.missing_value does not show up in either reflection
select * from debug."v_march_2022";
select * from debug."v_march_2022b" where id=2;

-- cleanups
ALTER dataset debug."v_march_2022" DROP REFLECTION r1;
ALTER dataset debug."v_march_2022b" DROP REFLECTION r1b;
drop vds debug."v_march_2022";
drop vds debug."v_march_2022b";
drop table s3ci.bug."march_2022";

@benw Thanks for the detailed steps, created an internal bug and will update release notes once fixed

@benw One workaround is to alias the column name that is something like table1_missing_value