Resolving of folder names drop another folder with almost same name

Hello, i create two folders with the below names
– NYC_taxi_trips
– NYC-taxi-trips
one with dash and one with underlines.
After that i use dremio_client in Python PyDremio The Unofficial Python Client for Dremio REST API | Dremio
it’s collect only one folder with underline and drop another one folder

how to keep two folders?

@emilia When you say “collect”, are you trying to promote or issue a query, what happens if you try to promote both via the UI?

Hello, i mean in PyCharm we could see what variables keep inside. For example, if i keep folders in “@home” i could see it calling"@home"

but now it shows only one folder - NYC_taxi_trips but i know that’s not true. Via Ui everything is fine and i could run queries like “@home”.“NYC-taxi-trips”
So i think the problem with dremio_client and converting names with dashes and dots

@emilia Just to confirm the issue, if you rename the folder to remove dashes and dots, does it work?

not sure how i could rename folder name in dremio

@emilia My question was, if the source folder does not have dashes and dots, does it work?