Running on Windows

There a Windows link in the Downloads section. Does it run on Windows and if so, where are the installation instructions?


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We are still working on a windows installer. One of my colleagues will soon reply with instructions for windows install with the current package.

Hi Tony, we’ve discovered a few issues in our internal testing and therefore had some delay in getting back to you. We’ll reach out once we have an update.

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Also very interested to try it on Windows.
Please let me know about the release

yip +1 on this! can’t wait to give this a try

Windows installer please!

+1 here. :slight_smile:

Our Windows installer is now ready – see Windows Quickstart to get started!

fyi, @apontet @boris_chmiel @geloofy @foxden24 @joginar10


Thanks @can and the rest of your team. :100: