Shared drive for storing acceleration

Shared drive for storing acceleration needs to be Write only for master OR will the slaves also would need write permission to the shared drive?

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Hi Team,

We have an iSCSI PVC in kubernetes which could be mounted only in RWO mode(read write once by one node). So if that is the case what is the requirement from dremio? Does dremio master pod only will write the data in shared volume [Shared volume to store a) results b) acceleration etc.] OR slaves\ pods would also need write permission?

Documentation around iSCSI RWO:

Please help.

Your other thread indicates you’re running Dremio with Hadoop. Is there a good reason you’re not deploying via YARN in that environment, or is this a different cluster?

We have deployed dremio in a kubernetes cluster and from there we are running jobs against mapr cluster. We are doing this for elastic scaling.