Tagging engine instances in AWS edition

I am trying AWS marketplace deployment.
By our company policy, we have required tags to launch any instance in AWS.
When I launch a project, engine instances cannot be launched since they don’t have required tags.
Is there any way to tag instances when launching project?

Hi @js7-in

Have you gone through Dremio

Hi, balaji.
I’ve just checked it.
It seems showing how to tag buckets and volumes after the cluster has been launched.
I am asking how to tag engine instances to launch the cluster. (i.e EC2 instance rather than S3 bucket)
Thank you for responding.

Try: Settings → Elastic Engines → Add Engine (or choose an existing Engine) → Edit Settings → Advanced Options → Engine Tags

Add your tags there and any EC2 instances that are launched within the Engine gets those tags.

Thank you for the information.
But it seems I can do it only after bringing up Engines, right?
I need to set the tags when I first create the project, in which stage I don’t have the Dremio web UI yet.

@js7-in Let me find out and get back to you

Hi @lenoyjacob @js7-in Currently only way is manual

Manual means tagging after instance launched, right?
It wouldn’t work for me since instance cannot launch without the required tags by our company account rule.