Unable to change delimiter for file import

I’m trying to import a 24 MB .txt file with semi colon delimiter and when I change the delimiter to semi colon, I get this error:

Trying to write something big in a column

I’ve tried with a smaller file with the same format and that works.

Any ideas?

One thing to check is if you have the line endings set correctly. So you could try changing that setting and see if that helps. Another possibility is that there is a stray “quote” character in the file, which would cause all subsequent semicolons to be treated as part of the text, and not as delimiters. You will want to confirm that both the quote character and escape character are set correctly.

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As Steven suggests, the line delimiter settings are defined when you are importing the file:

You can also access this setting for an existing dataset by clicking on the gear then the “Settings” option:

Then select “Format”:

Here I’m working with a JSON file, but for a .txt file you would see the options for configuring “Line Delimiter” as above.

Just in case your issue is not resolved yet. It could be related to the endline delimiter. See if changing it from “\r\n” to “\n” or vice versa will help

Changing the quote character to single quotation solved this for me as per steven’s post above, thanks