Urgent: Dremio will not start after upgrade to 3.2.0

looks like most of Dremio 3rd party jars are duplicated. Basically the new jars were installed without removing the previous ones. Do you still have the full command you used to install the rpm ?

I have cleaned up the 3rd party jar files and Dremio is now running as expected. Thank you.

I’m glad it solved your issue. If you have time, can you share the rpm install command you used ? I’m still curious on what could have caused this.

rpm --force --verbose --install --prefix=/app ./dremio-community-3.2.0-201905102005330382_0598733_1.noarch.rpm

This usage of rpm is not tested/supported. Moreover because you use both --install and --force, rpm will not clean previous installation of Dremio but simply keep adding the new files on top of the previous ones, causing the issues you experienced. If you cannot use a package manager on top of RPM like yum or do really want to install Dremio under a different prefix (again, not supported), you should at mininum use rpm --update instead of rpm --install --force (you can look at the rpm(8) man page for more details on how to update).

We are required to install Dremio under a different prefix due to the way our Enterprise Linux servers are configured. All applications must be installed on the /app volume. I will try the other rpm options you mentioned here.


Alternative is to use the tarball download option, and create your own rpm out of it.