Using ODBC DREMIO Driver with SAP Business Intelligence 4.2

Hi @seraus, I’ve finally reproduced the issue! Also, turns out the official suggestion of compiling protobuf with the --disable-shared flag turned on does not make a difference :frowning:

Fortunately, I have managed to shade the protobuf library this weekend and a quick round of testing proves to resolve the version conflict issue. I’ll have to go through a few more round of testing in various scenarios to make sure it doesnt break anything (it is the communication protocol after all). I’ll keep you posted! :smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update, glad to know that you resolved the issue!

Hi superbstreak,

let me know if you have a pre-release of the driver you can share to me; we can make a round of test in our environment.



Hi @superbstreak, how’s going the testing? Still troubles?

Hi @seraus,

Everything looks good. We’ve also shaded the protobuf library and verified the same patch on all other major platforms! This patch should be out fairly soon!

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Just a quick update: along with Dremio 3.0, we also released a new version of the ODBC driver ( which should fix the protobuf conflict with SAP Business Intelligence for Linux.

Thank you for the answer, Laurent.
We’ll try it in our test environments in the new few days and we’ll give feedback to you

Hi team,

I confirm that we managed to get Dremio Odbc Driver to work with SAP BI 4.2 on Linux.
We used dremio-odbc-

Thanks for releasing the patch and for the support!