Where to ask questions or suggest changes in documentation?

If I’m going through the documentation and I see something that is not clear or might need more information, where should I suggest that change?

The example I’m currently looking at is http://docs.dremio.com/data-sources/elasticsearch.html
I think it should have some reference to the “Painless” scripting language in ES5 - I believe from my discussions with Can it’s supported but it would be nice to mention it so I don’t think Dremio only works with ES 2.x.

Also - it mentions there is a special pushdown called “CONTAINS”. Can this also be used for scoring via order by? Can I include Lucene queries, or something else to be more specific what it means. I think it would also be useful to have a multiword example to show how it’s escaped - I assume something like CONTAINS(text:"amazing food") but it would be nice to see. Also what’s the minimum match rules for contains - 1=>1, 2=>2, 3=>2, 4=>3, etc.

I emailed with Can about how it handles aliases, wildcard indices, etc. How does it handle mapping differences between indices, etc. It would be helpful to have this addressed at least briefly in the docs.


Hi Yehosef,

For now, please add questions / recommendations for the product and documentation in this forum.

As for “painless” scripting, we don’t have documentation updated, but you’ll note that advanced options allow you to enable/disable use of “painless”:

As of right now, all indexes within a single alias need to have the same mappings.