400 bad request on trying to import a JSON file

Hello, I am trying out dremio and try to import a particular json from s3, but I got 400-bad-request.

screen cap:

the json file looks fine to me, it is a simple json array containing movie data, any idea what might go wrong ?

the file is here if you want to take a look.

Thanks much,


I think I figure out how to work around it. apparently if json is newline delimited, it will not throw error. but if it is standard json array format(comma delimited) , it will throw an error if the array size exceeds about 20 items… very strange.

@marvinwu Correct, we only support JSONL for uploads and looks like we have an issue with not returning a useful error message in that case, will open an internal ticket for this.

@doron, thanks much for the clarification, that would be very helpful. appreciate it,