About syntax of the regexp_like function

Hi there,
Could you please answer me, should this SQL function return true: regexp_like (‘us’,‘u’) ? I’m trying to use regex for my task, but I’m really stuck with the simple thing.

regexp_like(‘us’, ‘u’) returns false as the Java regexp here is ‘u’ which doesn’t match the input string ‘us’. You may want to give the regex as ‘.*u.*’

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Could you please explain the difference between REGEXP_MATCHES and REGEXP_LIKE functions?

Hi Dmitry,

REGEXP_MATCHES and REGEXP_LIKE are actually the same function within Dremio. For convenience both are defined; they are PostgreSQL and Oracle syntax (respectively).


hi, it appears regexp_like and regexp_matches are both case sensitive and do not accept additional parameters such as the ‘i’ (case insensitive parameter) for Oracle.

To make the regexp case insensitive, you could add (?i) at the beginning of the regexp