Access control on virtual dataset

I have installed docker version of druid (20.1) on Windows 10 and when trying to run the below query to give access control to another user, i am getting an error:

SQL Query : GRANT SELECT ON VDS dim_product TO USER <user_name>
Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.dremio.exec.planner.sql.handlers.CatalogGrantHandler.

Can someone please help me here what has gone wrong?

Also access control/privilege option on VDS is available in Community Edition of Dremio?


Hi @DeeKel , Dremio CE and OSS do not have RBAC including roles and privileges. Those are Dremio EE features. That’s also why you can’t query sys tables like sys.roles and sys.privileges in CE edition.

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Thank you!.

Is there a performance difference between CE/OSS version and EE?

Also can we deploy CE/OSS version from AWS market place?


@DeeKel Performance wise you should not see a difference, like Benny mentioned there are many critical security features that are not part of EE like RBAC, LDAP integration, 24X7 support (software)

AWSE and Dremio cloud should also be available in Community edition

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thank you!
And one last question- Suppose the dremio server crashes for some reason. Now when the server is restored, what happens to all the PDS,VDS, C3 caches and Reflections? Are they lost or they are retrieved and restored as well?

@DeeKel If server is just coming up without any disk failures etc then it should do instance recovery and come up but if any disk failure, backup has to be restored

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy Is this information backed up in S3 by Dremio for recovery? For example, if i am using the AWS instance, then when a new instance comes up after bringing the cluster up, will it automatically detect the cache( reflection & C3) from S3 and re-create VDS, PDS etc?

@DeeKel If i is a totally different node (executor) which has it’s own new local disk then C3 cache for both data and reflections have to be rebuilt, thsi will automatically happen as queries come in, the first read will go to S3, assuming the local C3 path is the same, if not your dremio.conf needs an update

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Hi @Benny_Chow while looking at this link ( Dremio ), i see RBAC as an option for standard (free). So does that mean RBAC is now available in free edition?

RBAC was always free in the Dremio Cloud standard edition. RBAC is not available in the CE edition. Also, for RBAC Cloud, you get only ADMIN and PUBLIC roles but you can set privileges to any number of users directly.

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