Aggregating to arrays or a similar structure

We’re trying to move some of our complex queries from Postgres, Redshift, and other places to Dremio and stop doing ETL. A lot of our queries involve aggregations to lists. Is there any way in Dremio to aggregate to and perform operations on lists or arrays?

Dear @jdotjdot,

I suppose the topic “Query planning and execution” at this could be helpful to find a way. However, do you need to perform execution query with vectorization?

Thanks for the link. I imagine you’re asking in case we need to use Gandiva? We shouldn’t need vectorized processing for now, at the very least not on Arrow–for the time being for testing we’re using Dremio to pull data from various data sources but without keeping anything in reflections. Right now we just want to be able to do basic operations in SQL with arrays like we do in Postgres or Parquet (in Presto).