All the Wiki content & Tags are lost for Tables.. Where can i find them to restore


I have documented lot of my tables with Tags etc. Today when i launched dremio, i dont see any of the wiki or tags.

Do you know where the information is stored and who to restore it ?


Which version of Dremio is this? Did you add wikis on the Dremio UI and when you restarted Dremio, it is gone? Are you running a docker container? Where is the Dremio db folder stored?

3.3.2 windows 7.
I created wiki for the catalog, database and various tables. Only the catalog level wiki is visible everything below is gone

Wondering how to retrieve the text as it is couple is days of useful work

Hi @Sathish_Senathi

Did you change any source settings recently? or dropped and recreated a source?

Did not drop but have to change settings in the connection .

But my question is it still retained wiki at catalog level but everything below is gone.

In any case my question is where would the old wiki go and how can extract so that I can recover



It looks like when you change source settings , you would have had a warning that metadata will change, it seems like wiki’s are also lost. Currently we do not have a way to restore lost wiki’s



If the warning said that all wiki and tags will be lost that would have been useful as wiki and tags are created manually .

Anyway no problem. Looks it better tothe wiki outside of the of physical dataset which could change


Sathish Senathi