Are there plans to support new window functions?


Are there plans to support new window functions?

For example, Nth value functions.


@balaji.ramaswamy Please have a look.If I want to expand myself, what should I do?

It seems that “first_value” and “last_value” functions are available, but they are not mentioned in the documentation.
Most importantly, there is no “nth_value” function

@bigfacewo Sorry about the delay, I was OOO. Let me see if we can add it to the docs and f there is an enhancement request for NTH_VALUE

@balaji.ramaswamy Can you confirm whether the “nth_value” function is supported? When I use only one parameter, I will be prompted that the parameter is wrong. When I complete the parameters (two parameters), I will be prompted that I cannot find a matching function.

@bigfacewo It seems like NTH_VALUE is supported, can you send the profile so we can see the syntax?


here is the profile: (11.4 KB)

Thanks for the profile @bigfacewo NTH value does not seem to be there, let me check internally and get back to you

@balaji.ramaswamy Any update?

@bigfacewo There was a ticket put to fix the docs so we can follow the right syntax, but I am getting failure finding function, so I have checked internally on the ticket