Attempting to write a large value for a column

Where are the limits documented?

Hi @Rohithzr

What are the size of the columns and the data type? If you are encountering any ERROR can you please send us the profile once.

Will check once about the limits and update you.


I work with Rohit. Just providing more information here:

Context: I have a tsv file that column with lots of text. When I try to select that column I get this attempting to write large column. So my workaround for it was to ignore the text column and just query the ids and other.

However, I still have the issue of all queries taking a long time to complete. I am reading tsv files from s3. No file is larger than 10 GB individually.

Attached is a download of a job profile that I canceled after it took 4 minutes. Usually, this query just keeps reattempting and does not complete. (17.2 KB)

Here is the Profile of a query for which I get "Attempting to write large value for a column" (7.2 KB)