AWS role arn support access method


I wanted to ask if there is a plan to add support for AWS s3 bucket access, using IAM role arn instead of access & secret keys, while deployed on Kubernetes/EKS?
I see that the AWS s3 SDK used in DremIO does support this type of access, which is more secure and easy to manage.

Thanks in advance,


Are you asking about the below option?


I’m referring to the DremIO pods, accessing it’s dedicated s3 bucket using IAM role instead of AWS credentials or instance roles.
By using a dedicated service account, annotated with AWS IAM role arn, it would be possible to access AWS s3 bucket, follwing this role permissions.
That makes access management much easier and secure.
I see it is supported by many Java based similar solutions, Spark, Trino.

Thanks for looking at this…