Can I use a remote Dremio as a data source for another Dremio system?


Forgive me if this is a silly question, I would like to know if Dremio can use another Dremio system as data source

And if so, how?
Dremio itself it is not in the list of supported data sources

Our issue is that we have remote sites running their own db etc and their own dremio server for acceleration for local analytic

We need now to have also a central analytic system and we would like to use the remote dremio reflections as data sources, as we do not have the rights to access the local DB but we have the rights to access the local Dremio reflections (there are also bandwidth issues etc)

Thanks and best regards

Hey @gray_log not silly at all! This has come up a few times. Currently, we don’t support this pattern, but have been thinking about a few things 1) support Dremio as a source as you mention 2) support multiple distinct execution clusters and intelligent query routing in a single Dremio cluster.
Nothing concrete in terms of a timeline.

Hi Can

Thanks very much for your prompt reply, I was hoping to find a way maybe via jdbc or something because we really need this badly :slight_smile:

Again thx!