Can we have ODBC and JDBC as a Data Source Type in Dremio

Hello Team,

We are looking for method in which we can have Source as a ODBC and JDBC as a Data Source Type in Sources Tab in Dremio.

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Lavish Patodi


Hey @lavish_patodi we don’t support generic ODBC/JDBC sources right now. This is to ensure correct pushdowns (in-DB processing) into each source depending the SQL dialect and optimal performance. What sources are you interested in working with?

It would be nice if there was a plan to add a Sybase ODBC/JDBC source. MS SQL Server was originally a fork of Sybase so the syntax and optimization is pretty similar.

You just gave me a T-SQL flashback from the 90s… :slight_smile:

I assume you mean ASE and not IQ?

Both … !

IQ is a different beast through…

Hello Can,

Thanks for your inputs. Currently, we are working on HDFS as a source data type.

@lavish_patodi got it. Are you looking to add a JDBC/ODBC source currently not supported? Would be great to get info on that.

Hello Can,

Yes Indeed we are looking for it.

It will be great if you guys can work out on the same.

Thanks and Regards,
Lavish Patodi

@can am expecting @lavish_patodi wants to connect to source like Sybase IQ/SAP HANA via jdbc/odbc/native-drivers

Above products are used for enterprise data analytics .


I support @lavish_patodi’s call for ODBC data sources. I would be interested in using Dremio but a lot of my professional life revolves around industrial historians such as OSISoft PI which are accessible only through ODBC and OLEDB.

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I would also like to see JDBC support for Sybase (ASE first, then IQ in terms of importance to me).


I’m looking at this to connect SQL Server to Informix sources, but since Informix isn’t on the list of supported sources a generic JDBC connection would be great as well!

A generic jdbc driver to connect any db that supports ansi sql is definitely needed. Only ansi sql support is good enough to start with which can be pushed down. IMO most of the dbs support Ansi sql anyway.


Agree with @sambitdixit, a generic JDBC driver that supports basic connections would be sufficient for most use cases if it is (generally) ANSI compliant.

I think this would be valuable.

Increase RDBMS data sources would be extremely useful to consider Dremio in more use cases. In particular I would need Sybase IQ as a data source.

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This is not something you can do at this time.