Can we run T-SQL (transact sql) in Dremio?

I need to declare some variables which will be used in my T-SQL query like suppose on while loop. Can we achieve this in dremio ?

@caromtank Running T-SQL via Dremio is not possible, Enterprise edition has a feature call direct query where you can embed a SQL Server syntax SQL within a function and pass it to Dremio, Dremio will not parse and send it to MS SQL

Hi @caromtank , @balaji.ramaswamy

@balaji.ramaswamy , I can write external queries with the community edition, are there any plans to remove this feature from the community version ?


@fetanchaud never mind, what version of Dremio are you using?

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , we are running on dremio community version 22.0.0-202206221430090603-1fa4049f