Cannot connect to Mongo

Hi, my environment is:

  • OS/X (latest)
  • Mongo 4.0.2 installed natively
  • MSSQL (latest) via docker
  • Dremio (latest) via docker

I am able to connect dremio to MSSQL, however cannot seem to get mongo connected, always receive connection refused

. Robo3T works as expected. Originally mongo was “security enabled” however during troubleshooting I have disabled security and still nothing. mongod does not report any connection attempt so I’m guessing there is a network issue - althrough I did shell into the dremio docker instance and ping my localhost address and all was well.

Appreciate any tips

Figures… post it and solved it. Turns out my mongod instance was bound to and not the actual IP that could be reached from the docker instance. Changing mongod to bind to both IP’s solved the problem.

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