Cannot perform UNION of two queries one projecting an INT32 and the other INT64

The following query attempt to union queries projecting an INT32 and an INT64, which many systems support.

Server 4.9.3-202010281843560195-edc49b6d
Driver 4.9.1-202010230218060541-2e764ed0

select tint.cint from dbcert.tint union select tbint.cbint from dbcert.tbint

DATA_READ ERROR: Unable to complete query, attempting to union two datasets that have different underlying schemas. Left: schema(cint::int32), Right: schema(cbint::int64)


That is correct, we currently do not support the union of int and bigint


The documentation needs to be improved.

Such a scenario is supported across many SQL engines, so seems to be a fundamental design limitation.

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Same issue in Dremio 14


This has not been addressed yet, I have given feedback on docs to the concerned team