Can't delete a saved script in Dremio UI

Hi, Community!

I’m new to Dremio, so feel free to send me any guidelines or best practices.

I’m trying to delete a saved script because I wasn’t able to edit it. So, I created another one.

Now my problem is: how do I delete the old script?
This approach sounds like an infinite loop, so if someone knows how to edit a saved script, the help is also appreciated.

I suppose it has something to do with the 3 dots circled in red (photo). But when I try to click them, it immediately sends me to an error screen.

Any thoughts?


Unfortunately, I can’t attach any images because I’m a new user.

The 3 dots I mentioned are the ones on the right of the saved script’s name (…)
The error message is a dialog saying:
“An Unexpected Error Ocurred” - If the problem persists, please contact support. Then it has a Session ID and an Event ID.

I can’t contact support because I’m not a premium user.