Casting causing reflection to be wrong

I have a field that I am casting to a VARCHAR. And that reflects in the virtual table. However, when I go to the create reflection dialogue it shows as an Long/Int. This causes the reflection to be built wrong and an error to be logged in the logs about the reflection schema not matching the table schema.

This was apparently hold over in the schema. When I took the query and copied it and pasted it into a totally new query, the type in the reflection building dialogue changed to the right string type and the metadata loaded succesfully this time.

@balaji.ramaswamy have you made any fixes to this bug recently?


Did recreating the VDS fix the issue. What version of Dremio is this. We fixed something similar in 4.0

Yes recreating the VDS fixed the issue.


What version of Dremio is this?

3.2. My company is refusing to allow me to upgrade to dremio 4.0 because they are not confident about 3.2 so I’m stuck with it.