Catalogue issue after upgrade to 4.1.4


after upgrading dremio to 4.1.4 (comming from 4.0-series) there was an issue in the dremio catalogue.

org.rocksdb.RocksDBException: Can’t access /000340.sst: IO error: while stat a file for size: /var/lib/dremio/db/catalog/000340.sst: No such file or directory

We have no idea why this error occurse.

After some throuble shooting our IT departement fixed this by recovering the DB. However when browsing dremio we have now an error stating :
> Something went wrong
> Missing version 0005244971304894. at [/dataset/Intel.REL1LDV.IntegrationEvents] not found

This happens when browsing a folder in one of our spaces.
After removing the folder the error is gone (of course).


What did your IT department do ? Did they restore an older backup by using “dremio-admin restore”?

I’m not sure what they did. They told me something about a repair tool ( RocksDB Repairer ?).

I’ll check and update you tomorrow.