Clean_data_to_text and (non mixed)concrete type column

Hi i have a problem with change type clean_data_to_text function. I used it for dev dataset(json files) that has mixed type for the column.
so clean_data_to_text(columnName, 1, 1, ‘’) works fine
when i moved my code to live environment i started failing with Errors: Failure finding function: clean_data_to_text( varchar , int32, int32, varchar).

As i understood the problem is that columnName on live is not yet mixed type but always string value and Dremio set its type varchar in dataset metadata. But in future mixed type data can arrive at the dataset. So how can write bulletproof to_text conversion on an arbitary type(not mixed yet) column?

Now i have to add fake data top dataset with columnName property data of different types and update metadata of the dataset.

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