Combine data from multiple datasets


I was wondering if it is possible to combine two or more datasets vertically (assume they all have the same field names and same data types)

I.e. assume we have 2 tables holding book information. (isbn, title, author) One of these tables is in a mongodb and the other is in mysql (assume schema is the same)

I’d like to create a virtual table in dremio which would combine the data from these two tables and present it as a single table.
for example rows 1 to 100 are from mongoldb and 101 to 200 are from mysql

Is such thing possible in dremio?

I tried running multiple select statements but it seems dremio doesn’t like it.



Can you not do the below?

select * from mongodb.mybook1
union all
select * from mysql.mybook2

Yes, it worked. Thanks :slight_smile: