Configure coodinator and executor on one host

I know the docs state a node can only be one role - but I have my coordinator/master running at like 0% and my executor at 90% creating reflections from s3. Why can’t the master run in dual mode to utilise the host ?

@mfarmer I don’t believe there is any restriction on this, and if you want to open dremio.conf and make it into an Executor too you can. But keep in mind that if you make your coordinator/master into an executor, then it too will be running at 90%, meaning you won’t have very many resources remaining to handle user web requests and to coordinate (metadata/planning).

@patricker - cool - I will try it out. The documentation fairly clearly states that one node can only be one role though…

For Dev purposes I sometimes run single node with all roles in it. In prod my coordinator is always my master also, at least for now.

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While Dremio lets you have a node be both coordinator and executor, we don’t recommend nor support that setup - its mainly used to development purposes.

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