Connect to Dremio Cloud with user and password credentials

Is it possible to connect to Dremio Cloud with user and password credentials using Flight client?
I tried to use the sample from here: arrow-flight-client-examples/java at main · dremio-hub/arrow-flight-client-examples · GitHub, but I’m getting UNAUTHENTICATED response.

Hello, you can use PAT(Personal Access Token) to connect with Dremio Cloud using Arrow-Flight. Here is a Python arrow-flight client application example for reference:

Hope it helps. Thanks.

Ok, thanks. Will it be made possible to connect to Dremio Cloud using password and username sometime later?

Thanks for your response. I could share your feedback to our internal team who would be able to look into it further. Just to understand your requirement better, is there any specific reason why you would like to have user and password credentials to use with Arrow Flight client? Are you facing any issues with PAT?

Connecting using PAT works OK, however it would be better for users of my application to provide once username and password and not generate the PAT every X days.

@pira - Appreciate your feedback! Will share this with our internal team who will look into it further. Thank you.